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Thousands of Facebook accounts get hacked everyday. Whether you wanted to recover your hacked Facebook password or get into another account, the traditional methods are time-consuming and risky: using unknown hacking software, fake login pages, password stealers and the like.

Are you locked out of your Facebook account? Account hacked? Stolen? Or you have been looking for a way to hack Facebook password of your girlfriend, boyfriend, competitor, or others, to check them or just to take some revenge. This online tool does just that; choose the Facebook account to hack; and see results within minutes.

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The strongest password systems store your passwords in encrypted formats (MD5 or SHA one-way hashes) which is virtually uncrackable. However, once we find the hashed passwords, it's just a matter of time for a lookup in pre-built hash tables. Hacking Facebook password isn't always successful. Some accounts get unlocked in seconds, some minutes and some may even take years! Type your target's Facebook profile url in the box above, and see for yourself.